We’re looking for families to take part in the exciting social experiment series, Wife Swap.

What would it be like if you swapped homes and families with someone else? What would you learn about how other people live, or how they raise their children? Could the experience even change your life? What sort of changes would you introduce to a new family?

In this fun and informative series, wives from very different families agree to swap homes, husbands, moody teenagers, and lifestyles, to see what it is like to live in another family’s home.

This is a unique and remarkable opportunity to experience how someone makes all those day-to-day decisions.

Will it confirm that you’ve got it just right and make you feel grateful for your own family?  Or will it be an eye-opener, a major catalyst to convince you to make some long-overdue changes when you get back home?

To enter go to www.wifeswap.co.za

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