The SMZEE Show

The SMZEE Show is a fun and interactive radio station run by Muppets: Zee – our 6 year old muppet DJ, is well known for her electric personality and magnetic smile.  Musasa – 8 year old muppet DJ whose personality is a little more introverted but wise beyond his years, he knows far more than his zany personality often lets on. Mmangwane – our studio co-host who carries a magical bag filled with storybooks, puzzles and other mystery items that she uses to expand the kids imagination. Brainzy the computer – has answers and facts to all questions big or small, from plants to ants, numbers and animals. Then we have Simoo – our roving reporter who travels across the country finding different interesting places and meeting different friends. He has first-hand experience of the place he is visiting and learns about various cultures and traditions, how things work, different foods, new songs and always a dace move or two. Our vibrant in studio hosts and roving reporter keep our listeners enthralled and entertained with their bubbly personalities, fun and games while learning through play. The SMZEE Show stands for Simoo, Musasa and Zee.  

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