Sister V on Call

Sister V on Call is a brand-new Docu-reality show, which is about, dissecting the world of parenting, pregnancy challenges, the culture of childbirth in South Africa as well infant and childcare challenges. The show is a vehicle to tell our own south African stories.

 Sr V and her crack team of Medical professionals provide a unique bespoke service tailored to the needs of her wide range of patients. Every day is a high-wired act of juggling patients.

The patients who visit the Sister V Baby Clinics come from different backgrounds and all have different stories to tell. Not all these patients are pregnant moms, some are moms bringing their babies for immunizations, family planning, teenagers for health advice, grandparents to correct medical and traditional myths.

Patients/Moms share some of their most vulnerable moments and intimate challenges. Sister V and her team will assist to get to the bottom of the concerns and assist them to overcome their challenges.

Each story will be filmed over time, from pregnancy to after birth, but compressed in a single episode to provide viewers with a sense of finality.