Zizi and Hannibal: A local animated series coming to SABC2!

Meet Zizi, a curious young girl who has a lot of questions about the world around her. Zizi has a friend, Hannibal, a rather awkward but hilarious hippo who accompanies her on daily adventures to the World of Wonders, where they meet many interesting animal friends!

There’s never a dull moment with Zizi and Hannibal! Gogo, Zizi’s wise grandmother is always there to put things into perspective and always encourages Zizi to use her imagination and indulge her sense of wonder.

Tune in on SABC 2 on Mondays at 15h30 to catch Zizi and Hannibal’s African adventure, starting on Monday, 05th December.

This is made possible by Pixxcomm, in collaboration with SABC 2, SABC Education, IDC, and False Bay College.