SHIFT has been the SABC 1’s premier multilingual talk show that focuses on empowering youth with abilities to deal more effectively with the demands and challenges of everyday life. When it launched in 2005 it was aimed specifically at the unemployed, unmotivated and insecure audiences. The show invited viewers to participate in discussion with the guests during allowing a high level of audience involvement.

The daily issues were topical and covered a wide variety of subjects, from finance to self-esteem, entrepreneurship, empowerment, health, success stories, parenting, gender, education, tourism, environment, technology, arts, culture and social issues.

The show has evolved to include content that reflects on events happening in our society that have impact on viewers that needed deeper investigation discussion.

What has made the show it distinctive and different from similar shows was that it communicated pertinent life skills information in all indigenous languages (Nguni, Sisotho, and Tsonga and Venda). Thus bridging the gap for audience’s appetite’s for development content explained through viewer’s mother tongues. Over the years since inception the show has become an audio visual resource centre amongst indigenous language audiences and has developed a high degree of credibility in the public education sphere of television.


Aaron Moloisi is charming, really ‘cool’ and attractive. His passion is presentation at which he gives the exact degree of understanding and empathy, coloured with his delightful sense of humour. He turns around difficult situations with superlative ease and is never at a loss for the right words or the right questions. He clearly understands the objectives of each show which he carries out to perfection. His first career was that of a scientist which he eschewed for television.

Kamo Bombe is known for her high-energy, down to earth attitude and overriding compassion. Her outgoing personality allows her to strike a rapport with guests creating fruitful and lively conversations. Her perfect interviewing gift allows guests to relax and focus on the gist of the question line. From the day Kamo joined SHIFT connected with youthful viewers and charmed the older ones. Kamo has set her sights on becoming a household name in the media arena, and there’s no doubt she’ll succeed.

Creative Team:

Part of this success of SHIFT is the content strategy of the creative team. The strategy, over the years recognised that, curating a talk show depends on getting topics to be relevant to the moment of production, even as it remains resonant with contemporary challenges of the times. An issue can be topical and vibrant in social discourse, but when it enters the diary of Shift, it has to be infused with the nuances of contextual dynamics, so much so that, as it is discussed, it has the credibility of a nation in conversation.

Executive Producers:
  • Ailsa Tulloch
  • Walter Chakela
Series Producer:
  • Bongani Maphumulo
  • Busi Khumalo
  • Refilwe Mutobvu
  • TBC
Digital Producer:
  • Jennifer Sono
Production Assistant:
  • Mapula Lebelo