Ndumiso Hadebe

Bongekile Zinhle Radebe
February 15, 2013
Sanda Ncama
February 15, 2013

Ndumiso Hadebe

My Philosophy: I believe in the importance of understanding and honoring of self and those around you. That over and above anything else, this life is about service to others and the persistent pursuit to leave a place better than it was when we found it. That the greatest accolade man can achieve, is that of making a difference and establishing a legacy of nation building.

AGE:       21

Tell us more about yourself:

I am highly motivated and inspired by seeing people realise their true and full potential. I am a big sports fanatic; I love music and singing, leadership and governance. My life is centred around people, working with them, experiencing challenges with them and being of service to them.

What is the most current biggest leadership issue in South Africa?

Relevance and accountability. When our agility and ability to learn is slower than  the rate of change, we become irrelevant. This is the crisis that is facing leadership in South Africa so as to address issues such as youth unemployment, poverty and inequalities in our society.

So how would you use this program as a plat form for your ideals as a leader?

On a day to day basis I remind myself of the size and impact that this opportunity can have. Having been working with young people from communities, high schools and institutions of higher learning across the country for the past 5 years, I have experienced and realised how much we as young people need to determine the course of our own lives and country, through our collective actions to make South Africa work.

I would use this platform to serve, inform and inspire and a new kind of leader, a new kind of young person and a new generation of young people who are driven to become masters of their own destiny!
What does the word “success” mean to you? Success to me has nothing to do with monetary or material wealth but the ability to make a difference in one person’s life. That is success.

Who is a great South African leader that you admire?

Chris Hani. I admire Chris Hani because of his conviction that guided his decision making and vision as a leader. 20 years on, he is still influential and his message continues to inspire.

“South Africa is more important than any individual”-Chris Hani

It is with these words that we realise that over and above anything or anybody else our loyalty should always lie with the CAUSE of our beloved country and its people. That being a true South African is about the spirit that we carry as strong people of a great nation. When you deny your loyalty to the cause of this nation and its people, you deny your identity.

What is the most important character trait of a leader?

Servant leadership. This is the kind of trait in a leader that distinguishes a true leader from the rest. One that is fuelled to address our realities of poverty, inequalities, unemployment and corruption while giving hope to our nation’s aspirations.

What are your strengths as a leader?

I am a strong and unapologetic visionary and implementer. I believe I demonstrate that radicalism, discipline and cool-headedness are not mutually exclusive. My love and passion for this country and its people fuels my purpose as a young leader in our beloved nation. In my truest being… “Ndumiso is for South Africa! “

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