Lesufi Condemns Shutting Down of Oakdale Secondary

Gauteng MEC for Education, Mr. Panyaza Lesufi condemns the closing down of Oakdale Secondary School in Ennerdale south of Johannesburg by the community and the SGB.

It is important to note that, the departmental inspectors assessed the damage which resulted from the storm in the area and discovered that the said school needs major rehabilitation and as such it was included in the estimate of capital expenditure.

The Department is currently finalising the process of appointing a service provider to address some general building work related to the storm damages at the school and to remove all unutilised mobile units accordingly.

“We condemn any disruption to our school, same impacts negatively on learners as they miss out on learning and teaching, it is a challenge to recover from any curriculum time lost and as such we appeal to parents and the community to always be mindful of that fact. There are plans to rehabilitate the school. However, it is disappointing that the community and SGB resorted in burning a mobile classroom this morning,” said MEC Lesufi. `

The department will send a correspondence to the SGB members which seeks to find reasons why should they be not disbanded.

Meanwhile, learning and teaching at Freedom Park Secondary school has gone back to normal. It is exciting that; the school community has responded positively to the MEC’s call. The school will implement the necessary catch up plan for the lost time.

We are concerned about the break-in incident which occurred last night, 14 April 2019, at Gideon Rambuwane school in Klipfontein View, Midrand.

Criminals went on a rampage and cleaned the school’s valuable equipment, cash and other items: 1 server, 2 laptops, 27 computers,2 cameras print and video, R2000 cash, cheque book, log book, deposit book, and 1 gas stove.

Such incidents justify an important gathering of all stakeholders in the schooling community, the School Safety Summit on Wednesday (17th April 2019) hosted by both the Gauteng Department of Community Safety and Gauteng Department of Education.

“We are under siege from these criminals, how do people continue to derail education of our children in this fashion, the said summit follows recent incidents ofbreak-ins at schools, gangsterism, bullying, as well as violence against learners and educators within the schooling environment. This gathering must discuss these safety challengesand develop a common approach to tackle them,” said MEC Lesufi.

For more information, contact the Gauteng Department of Education’s Spokesperson, Steve Mabona on 072 574 3860.

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