World celebrates ‘radio and sports’ as digital drives growth

On 13 February 2018, World Radio Day – themed ‘radio and sports’ – celebrates how radio broadcasting of sports has promoted freedom of speech, cultural diversity and expression.

The growth in internet usage in South Africa has expanded radio  reach  across the world, and South Africa has stayed abreast.

“This year with the Winter Olympics now underway, we can also recognize the many ways in which sports broadcasting brings people together around excitement and achievements,” says UN Secretary-General António Guterres.

“The internet has destroyed barriers to entry and makes radio content accessible anywhere and at any time. Time shifting – audio content on demand. In South Africa, where broadband is expensive and people have less access to technology, the multiplatform nature of radio is increasingly evident,” says SABC head of  media strategy Carlito Sheikh.

Radio remains a popular medium in South Africa and the growth in internet usage has given listeners more options to consume the medium.

According to Broadcast Research Council of South Africa  (BRC), between April 2017 – September 2017,  72% of South Africans still listened to the traditional radio, 37% on their cellphone, 25% listen in their vehicles, 10% listen via their TVs and 2% on their computers. This is according research conducted for the period April 2017 – September 2017.



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