Angie Motshekga to launch largest ever investment in black South African writers

Getting Authors Published To Promote Reading

WPR is a new initiative conceptualised by Via Afrika, is offered in partnership with the NRF and SARChI Research Chair in the field ofAfrican Languages, Multilingualism and Education (NRF Chair in African Languages) and the African Language Association of South Africa (ALASA).

Only 14% of South Africans read regularly, according to a survey published by the SA Book Development Council last year. One of the biggest problems is that books are not available in the language commonly spoken in local communities.

WritePublishRead (WPR) is an initiative that aims to change this. It’ll be assisting aspiring authors to get their works published digitally.

By creating these ‘reading champions’, works of fiction will be available in the home language of every community. Through WPR, these authors will be able to write and promote stories that appeal to the people around them.

With easy access to affordable books in their home language, it’s hoped a momentum will be created that will inspire more people to write and in turn, more people to read.

This initiative educates and assists authors to self-publish their fiction in a digital format. The service is offered to any budding writer who has access to a phone or any other digital device. The process is easy and completely free. The author can set the price they want their readers to pay. Authors retain the copyright to their work.

If the manuscripts are in a previously under-published language (isidebele, Sepedi, Sesotho, Setswana, SiSwati, Xistonga TshiVenda, isiZulu, isiXhosa, South African First Nations Languages), and the author has not previously been published, special assistance will be given by Via Afrika, the NRF Chair in African Languages, and ALASA. These authors will be walked through the process of preparing manuscripts for digital publication, from self-publishing the manuscript as an eBook to its promotion. This opportunity is available to 46 authors annually.

Further details of the application process is available on request.



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