SABC supports 2015 Department of Basic Education Spelling BEE Competition

By Tshilidzi Davhana, Commissioning Editor, SABC Education - SABC Education, SABC Children and SABC Foundation are once again rallying behind the 2015 Department of Basic Education National Spelling BEE Competition. After a successful launch in 2015, Provinces are busy with their knock outs rounds to send their cream of the top to the National event which will take place on the 10th of October 2015.

The Spelling BEE competition started many years ago in America and United Kingdom. The competition is about the glory of being able to overcome complexities of words that made one a champion speller.

The 2015 National spelling BEE launched in 2014 is an intervention by the department to improve the Annual National Assessment results for grades 4 to 6 in the intermediate phase (grades 4-6), and geared to help students to read and write competently. The Department of Basic Education introduces the competition to assist learners in improving their language and mathematics. The Department introduced a programme where the teaching of spelling will be a priority for all language teachers.

SABC Education in partnership with internal stakeholders such as SABC Children and SABC Foundation saw the need to support this programme as it resonates with SABC mandate to educate and also respond to SABC Education Formal Unit’s objective of supporting and enhancing the quality of learning.

SABC Education is supporting the competition by sharing with the public updates and media releases about the competition and a build up promo campaign to make people aware of the upcoming national competition which takes place on 10 October 2015. The winner of the 2015 Department of Basic Education National Spelling BEE will be awarded a bursary that he/she will use when they go to tertiary by Monash University.

The 2015 Department of Basic Education National Spelling BEE competition is brought to you by the Department of Basic Education in partnership with SABC, Spell it, Camp I AM, Department of Arts and Culture, Soul City and other organisations.

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