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Children and adolescents with learning disabilities are at risk for low academic performance and poor self-esteem.  Unless there is intervention, their problems are likely to continue through adolescence.

Learners with learning disabilities do not cope well in mainstream schools with big classes because of their wide spectrum of needs. Transvalia School for Epilepsy and Learning Disabilities is a school that caters for a wide variety of learning disabilities, giving these learners hope for a brighter future.

Transvalia School situated East of Pretoria is amongst five schools under the Transoranje Institute for Special Education which include Transoranje School for the Deaf; Prinshof School for the Visually Impaired; Sonitus School for the Hearing Impaired; Martie du Plessis High School for the Cerebral Palsied and Transvalia School for Epilepsy and Learning Disabilities.

Once diagnosed, children with learning disabilities need specialised tuition for most of their school lives. Transvalia School for Epilepsy and Learning Disabilities caters for learners from grade one to 10 through the mediums of Afrikaans and English with grade 11 and 12 phased in. The school works very closely with district psychologists to cater for the specific needs of each learner.