Call to speed up the filling of SABC board vacancies

Members of Parliament have made renewed calls for the eight vacancies on the SABC board to be filled because at present it can’t quorate, which means it can’t make any legally binding decisions.

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Hands-On Experience Learning using Mobile Technology

This is Somdaka Vuyiswa. She lives in a remote area of the Eastern Cape called Amajingqi.

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Cyril urges for corrupt free South Africa in 2019

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#SkeemSaam: Tshepo Senatle growing Koloi into responsible young man

Mr Alfred has never been as embarrassed as when he saw an image of himself on the class board sporting a bright and silky purple shirt.

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SABC resolves salary issue

Unions and government have voiced their dissatisfaction over the planned retrenchments.

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“Skills audit key to repositioning SABC”

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