This week on Khetha #Week23

Topic of the week: Department of Public Works (DPW)

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The Epic Hangout brings learning to life

Put four bright children and one feisty Gogo together and you get an epic combination! The four kids find themselves in Gogo’s care after school, little do they know that they are in for a great treat. 

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SABC Interim Board on a Mission to Restore Brand Credibility

It is not a secret that the forum of advertisers is the key financial driver of the SABC, and it is for this reason that SABC Interim Board and Management reached out to them to assure them of the commitment to rebuild the SABC Brand to what it was and more.

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Vuleka Platform to help local Alexandra businesses

I AM Emerge creative agency is set to launch an informal business development platform in a form of an App in the Alexandra Township on the 27th May 2017 at San Kopano Hall, 12th Avenue from 11h00 am to 16h00.

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Discover Science: Be intrigued with what the future holds

Catch this exciting third Series of Discover Science on SACB2, from 6 June at 15:30.

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Africa Day celebrates the day Organisation of African Unity precursor to African Union

25 May is regarded as Africa Day. It should be noted that Africa Day presents an opportunity for South Africans to reconnect and recommit themselves in support of all government interventions to develop a better Africa and a better world.

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