Tell Me Something on SABC2

The school bell rings, the kids bolt out of the gates faster than a teacher can say 'don't forget your homework!' A bunch of lively teens take a detour after school and head for Neliswa's house. Her home is warm, inviting and her parents are not there until at least five. This is like a haven, the fridge is fully stocked, the friends have access to the internet, watch TV, listen to music and talk. They are happy to hang out with one another and talk about important stuff going down in their lives rather than head home. Conversation is about everything and sometimes nothing at all. Topics vary from silly to serious, usually with a good dose of both.

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Rainbow Rhythm Gang Targets Unsuspecting Musicians

An innovative bunch of children are taking music to another level. Rainbow Rhythm Gang, a new and different series about South African music begins on SABC2 at 11h00 from 8 July 2009.

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Making Moves blows Golden Horn

Youth talk show Making Moves won a Golden Horn for Best Educational Programme at the South African Film and Television Awards (SAFTA) on Saturday.

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Trailblazing Masupatsela on SABC2

The second series of Masupatsela, scheduled for broadcast on Mondays on SABC2 from 27 July 2009 highlights trailblazing individuals, communities, organisations and businesses that are taking the initiative and making a difference to South African lives.

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Durbanites Gear Up For The Annual Baba Indaba

The SABC Education Baba Indaba is bringing inspired parenting to Durban again, this time it will be bigger, better and more engaging than ever. An added bonus for visitors is that the show, which normally runs for three days, will run over four days, taking advantage of the public holiday on Monday 22 March. The event is being held from 19 to 22 March 2010 at the Durban Exhibition Centre.

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