Women’s Day Special broadcast - Hamba Dompas Woza ID

Philip KgosanaHamba Dompas Woza ID, scheduled for screening on SABC2 at 10am on 9th August introduces audiences to ordinary people whose untold stories of harassment and arrest lend a face to known injustices of the dompas.  Through the eyes of some South African influential writers, thinkers and activists, Hamba Dompas Woza ID unpacks the significance of this small book and its callous impact on the psyche and actions of the people, the struggle and the country as a whole.

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Meet Living Land’s Tshekedi Monyemore

25 year old Setswana speaking Tshekedi Monyemore is enthusiastic, self-motivated and conscientious.  He is the new presenter of the television show Living Land broadcast on SABC2 Saturdays at 11am. Tshekedi from Tshwane has a great sense of adventure and humour, he says “I’m the new kid on the block and look forward to audiences tagging along with me on Living Land’s trips around our beautiful country!”

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Join 1Goal

SABC supports the 1Goal 'Education For All' initiative, across all our Radio and TV platforms. In 2000, 164 world governments came together to create the 'Education for All' goals. Furthermore, 189 governments created the United Nations Millennium Development Goals (MDG). Two of the eight MDG goals involve ending poverty through education:

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Former President of Ghana Mr. Kufuor launches ADEA education tool kit and journalism award

Former President of Ghana John Kufuor launched an education toolkit published by ADEA that will serve as a training tool for journalists and communication specialists. He also launched the 6th edition of ADEA’s Africa Education Journalism Award, an initiative which acknowledges the best articles on education written by African journalists and published in the African press. The launch was held on July 6, 201.

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Teenagers on a Mission on SABC1

Tomz, scheduled for broadcast on SABC1, Mondays at 15h00 from 12 July is a must for teenagers aged 13 to 18 but will also be entertaining for younger children and older people. The science and technology show begins when Mr E, a frequency of energy from the future contacts Thami and Nolwazi and tells them that they need to find a theory to save the earth and future from destruction.

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The Triangular Relationship

As children reach adolescence, peers begin to play an important role in their lives.  Adolescents find it important to prove themselves and look for ways to compensate for feelings of inadequacy. 

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