SABC SPORT Scores Big with FA Cup and Live Streaming of Final Match

Johannesburg - Wednesday 29 July 2020 -SABC Sport is pleased to announce that it will be live streaming the 2020 FA Cup Final via the SABC Sport’s live stream portal this Saturday, 01 August 2020. This is over and above the live broadcast of the titanic clash between the English Premier League giants Arsenal FC and Chelsea FC on SABC 3.

In a quest to enhance the audience viewing experience, the goes live today (Wednesday 29 July 2020), will carry highlights content from the semifinals of the FA Cup and on Friday, 31 July 2020, will live stream the FA Cup Final Preview show at 18h00. The build-up to the final on Saturday 01 August 2020 will begin at 17h30, with the kick-off at 18h30, followed by the trophy presentation at the end of the match.

Mr. Rathbone commented that “as we build-up to the final of one of the most prestigious, oldest and hotly contested club cup tournaments in the world this Saturday evening, 
SABC Sport is demonstrating its unswerving commitment to reengineer itself into a sports broadcaster for the future with the roll-out of the SABC Sport live streaming portal.

The FA Cup is an opportunity for SABC Sport to cater live football content to our audiences everywhere and what better way to deliver this prestigious event than to include digital platforms such as the live streaming portal”. Rathbone added, “The initiative showcases the importance that we place as a free to air broadcaster, in providing public value to everyone in the country”.

Since the deal was clinched in June 2020, to broadcast the quarterfinals, semi-finals and the final of the 2019/2020 FA Cup season, audience ratings have proven that this strategic acquisition for 
SABC Sport, is providing its audiences with the type of sports content that they want.

The semi-final match between Arsenal and Manchester City achieved a 142 % increase in audience share for that particular time slot. In addition, the second semi-final between Manchester United and Chelsea gained an audience share of 200% for that timeslot. The broadcast of the acquired FA Cup matches on SABC 3 increased the average channel audience share by 76%.

SABC Sport will continue to explore new digital media platforms to foster engagement from its existing audience base, appeal to new football-loving digital natives and ensure that the public service broadcaster is accessible everywhere for every sports fan in the country. 

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