Gift Mokhampanyane portrays a character of common in Skeem Saam

Born and bred in Johannesburg, Gift Mokhampanyane has always been fond of the entertainment industry.

He has done a number of television adverts as a child and even had a part on a local educational show called ‘Soul Buddyz’, but his actual passion for acting really started when he got accepted into the National School of the Arts where he had officially been introduced to the world of theatre shows and musical plays.

Apart from entertaining, Gift is also passionate about giving back to the community. He believes very strongly in youth development and is never too busy to spend some of his time at schools, hospitals and charity events.

People that meet him in person are usually drawn to his open and friendly nature. And that’s probably one on the few things that he and the character he portrays on Skeem Saam have in common. Well that, and the fact that they are both super ambitious. Other than that, the 2 are as different as can be. “I would never go to such extreme measures like putting loved ones in danger, as Fanie has done in the past”, says Gift.  

A few years ago, Fanie would have been known for his slimy tricks and antics. But as time would have it, he seems to be growing out of that mischievous stage. He takes his job at Café Rovuwa very seriously and has just graduated University.

With everything going just fine in his life, Fanie unexpectedly found himself caught in a shadow of darkness in the middle of the holiday season. Feeling lonely and alone he felt as if everyone else around him were happily carrying on with life (without him). Depression had creeped up on him and left viewers with tears and broken hearts, until he was strong enough to help himself.

As we walk into #2020, let’s see what lies ahead for Fanie in the future.

#SkeemSaam airs every weeknight on SABC 1 at 18.30pm.

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