Putla Sehlapelo acting as Alfred Magongwa on Skeem Saam

Acting for almost twenty years, he is no stranger to the entertainment industry. “I love acting. I like that I don’t have to bring food to work because I am well fed at work,” he says. “I don’t need to iron my clothes and groom myself. I show up and someone tells me what to wear and make me look the way they want me to look.”

Putla Sehlapelo is a South African actor best known for his role as Alfred Magongwa on Skeem Saam. He has also been on the SABC1 mini-series Death of a Queen, which aired as part of the channel's "Shakespeare in Mzansi" strand in 2008. He also starred as Tiro Lebone, the BEE millionaire who has everything but the love of his life, in the soap opera The Wild, from 2011-2012.

Putla has also appeared in shows like Noah's Ark in 2008 and the thriller series ‘Thola’ in 2014.

A family man is what Putla can be described as. “Having my own family is a blessing. My wife and kids are the reason I wake up and go to work every day” he says. This one quality could be one of the only few things that he and the character he plays on Skeem Saam ‘Alfred Magongwa’ have in common.

Sometimes he might come across as a coward or someone that always shy’s away from confrontation but he would do just about anything for his family.

Alfred’s weakness is that he’s not assertive enough and for years he lived without the drive to pursue the things he wants in life. But these past 2 seasons, he has shown us otherwise. His ambition came to light when he orchestrated Principal Thobakgale’s suspension which lead him to become Principal of Turf High. Only for a short period of time though, until the truth was finally revealed. Now currently in the position as Deputy Principal he is adamant on convincing Sthoko to accept replacing Manaka as the new English teacher. All this just to gain an ally at Turf High? Or does he have other ulterior motives?  

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