#SkeemSaam: Tshepo Senatle growing Koloi into responsible young man


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Mr Alfred has never been as embarrassed as when he saw an image of himself on the class board sporting a bright and silky purple shirt. After deliberation and discussion, the culprit had finally been caught; the artist behind such foolery was none other than Koloi.

A somewhat popular student, class clown and is as mischievous as they come. We talk to the young man behind the character.

Tshepo Joseph Senatle was born in Ottosdal situated in the North West. He attended Dumisang Primary school from Grade 1 till 3, until grade 3 and from there relocated to Winterton for a few years then relocated back to Ottosdal to complete Grade 12 in Realeka Secondary School.

 Tshepo had initially found out about Skeem Saam auditions and decided to try his luck. “I was willing to risk losing my job (at the time), knowing that I wanted to give this try. It was after all one of the reasons I came to Joburg” He auditioned and later got a call back to play the character of Koloi. “From that day I never looked back and here I am!”

“My mother has always been nervous about my acting career. Given the fact that it is a fickle industry and one can never tell what the future holds. But she has always been and remains my biggest cheerleader and pillar of support.”

Apart from acting, Tshepo has a passion for cars and body work. If not acting, then a qualified Auto Body Specialist is another career he would have wanted to go into. And most probably have his own car show.

“For my future plans I hope to grow Koloi into responsible young man. I would also love to see myself as a renowned actor up there with the best in the continent and the world and working towards becoming that actor that everyone wants to work with.”  

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