#SkeemSaam - The dynamite Lesego Marakalla who plays Rachel Kunutu

She is ambitious, opinionated and doesn’t stop until she gets what she wants. A troublemaker to say the least and a petite little package whose personality can only be described as dynamite! We are talking about no other than Rachel Kunutu played by Lesego Marakalla.

Lesego attended Motswedi Primary School in Seabe in Mpumalanga, and although a successful actress now growing up she had dreams of becoming a doctor. But along the way she discovered her love for acting when she started doing drama in school and then went onto attend Monis Arts House in Pretoria after Grade 12. She grew up in a normal household and was taught to always respect elders.

She was a very quiet child and didn’t really speak unless necessary. And till today nothing much has changed. When comparing her to her character on Skeem Saam it’s hard to believe that to this day she is still quiet around people she might not be comfortable with.      

“I love playing Rachel, and I appreciate that the writers have challenged me and got me out of my comfort zone, allowing me to play such a rebellious lady!” she says.

With Rachel back Turfloop, she’s reluctantly trying her best to complete her nursing course and now living with Granny. Despite several attempts from her uncle Charles to get her to move back home, she refuses to live with Celia and Alfred.

And with some deliberation with herself she realised that she still has feelings for her old flame Marothi. And now that he has moved on with a new flame, she is now more than ever determined to get him back. Yes, she seems to love him, but it helps that he possesses the wealth and the status that she is very attracted to.

And with a little bit of lies, blackmail and love potions, let’s see if Ms Dynamite wins the Prince back into her life!

#SkeemSaam airs every weeknight on SABC 1 at 18.30pm.

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