Skeem Saam - “James” of all trades!

We all know Francois Swanepoel as the determined chef, who has worked very hard to get where he is today. Moving his whole life to Johannesburg and having started as the new head chef at Café Rovuwa, he’s already bursting with new menu ideas, and life seems to be going according to plan. But who is the person behind Francois?

James Pilkington is a 21-year-old –‘James’-of-all-trades born and raised in Johannesburg, South Africa. Although new to the industry - young and vibrant talent James has made a pronounced entrance into the South African industry with a constant stream of theatre shows, short films & television jobs. Despite being theatrically trained, his passion lies in film.

Although his passion and focus are predominantly on his Acting career and craft, it is not the only passion he recognizes and pursues. He also is able to play guitar, drums, piano and sing. In mid-2017 he had mentioned that he has some music lined up for later this year. He hopes to develop his music career just as much as his acting. Off screen and outside the studio - James pursues a healthy lifestyle; nutritional eating, physical exercise and mental wellness.

Although he seems to be busy within his acting, music and self-impetus through Mind, Body & Soul; James has a bright eye for opportunities and entrepreneurship possibilities. In late 2016 he started an innovative company called New Age Group Holdings with sister companies, New Age Explorer, New Age Influencers, New Age Productions, New Age Academy and The New Age Network. He says that these companies are an extension of his inner artist. The businesses were created by artists, for artists. The companies were designed with a

Millennial approach to pave financial freedom for creatives and the creative industry through digital media, marketing & trends.

‘Francois’ is slowly becoming a favourite amongst Skeem Saam fans. Only time will tell with what’s planned for his character going forward.

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