Poems for Youth Day

Is it but another day of leisure?

While being in essence a memory to treasure

An uprising surprising the powers that be

Met with weapons and force and hostility

Unarmed, like sheep to the slaughter

One by one they perished but did not falter

Be it not in vain the blood and tears shed on that day

For ignorance is a price most dear to pay

POEM BY Dinesh .Birijbal.



I was too young to remember
Yet I have inherited this.
I played no part as an innocent child,
But I must face the consequences.

Because the wounds have not healed.
We try to make it better,
But the hurt, the bitterness, runs so deep.
Sometimes it feels like we’re fighting a losing battle.

It is an undeserved part that we play
In trying to undo the injustice.
It is a burden, a sorrowful load
That we never asked to carry on our shoulders.

As the youth of the new millennium
We do not have the experience, the memories
To guide or hinder us on our journey – 
We see the world through untainted eyes.

And yet we feel it, we feel it every day.
We sense the anger and the pain.
The blood spilt has dyed society,
It is a dark shadow, always in the back of our minds.

And yet, there is hope;
A light shines that cannot be put out.
It has burned throughout the dark night of the past,
And continues to give courage to the youth today.

Because to those who are brave enough,
To those who know that they must stand up and fight,
The future has been given – 
They are the inheritors of the rainbow nation.

The journey will not be an easy one,
Its nature is such that it will not be over quickly.
But as soldiers we accept the challenge – 
Together we stand, together we can be victorious.

We accept the past as part of our history,
Yet we do not live by it.
Forming new links and relationships every day,
We find strength in our shared humanity.

As children of Africa, united,
The burden becomes lighter.
The future has been handed to us 
And it is a bright one. 

By Noventwembi Naphakade

Youth of June 16 versus the youth of 2013


This was the youth with a dream and a mission

Driven by a vision and a passion and

Inspiration drawn from the harshest of all situations

Their burning desire for democracy and recognition

Drove them to take action and stand for what they believed in.

These were role models and indeed the greatest of all leaders,

True leaders who held their visions of the future at the centre of themselves

And role models who believed that their actions would create the future

A future for them, a future for you and I

At least today and now you and I can testify on their behalf.


But this was the youth that knew poverty, tribal clashes and countless limitations

This was the youth with no chances, the ones with no privileges.

These were the young people who had to push boundaries in order to create opportunities.

The youth who decided to take to the streets in order to speak and leave a legacy

It is due to this great courage and determination

That today we know of the young Hector Peterson and great Tsietsi Mashinini

It is due to this amazing courage and determination

That that today we learned to honour and respect June 16, 19….76


“Young people you are the leaders of tomorrow

Who will take over the land of our fore fathers after the people of yesterday”...

I hear them say…

Before you agree youth of 2013, look in the mirror and ask yourself a question,

Where do you fit in?

Are you the symbol of regeneration or merely just a grasshopper generation?

Do you realize the novelty of getting opportunities or you simply

fight to get respect and recognition for destroying?

Are you the people the world has been waiting for, the ones who live what they believe?

Have you discovered your purpose…in other words,

What would the world have lost if you were not born?

A poem by Nokubongwa Gwala

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