literacy, lumeracy & life skills

01 literacy lrg
Literacy and numeracy are the foundation of basic education. A thorough and proper understanding of these subjects is necessary to prepare learners for further educational development. Life skills has been included in school curricula in recognition of the need for learners to have the social skills to navigate the demands and responsibilities of life.

maths, science & technology

maths science and technology
The rate of change in science, technology and maths is a sign of the importance of these subjects not only in school but also outside of the formal education system. A strong education system based on these subjects will result in a country that creates new technologies and finds new innovations for the benefit of development.

agriculture & the enviroment

agriculture and environment

Most modern economies around the world are based on agricultural development and environmental exploitation of resources. Both the environment and agriculture are critical for a nation in terms of food production and natural resources, which provide raw materials such as wood, gold, cobalt, and oil, and the refinement processes of which create industries.


economics, commerce & finance

economics commerce & finance
Money makes the world go round. From the beginning of time, commerce has been the driving force of the evolution of rudimentary societies into modern nation-states. The growth of commerce from bartering systems into monetary systems has resulted in the development of economic systems that govern the financial state within and between nations. 

ubuntu: values & ethics

ubuntu values and ethics
Ubuntu is more than an old African concept. It is a concept that can be applied as a philosophy various contexts. Whether in the business sector, government, or society, the principles of ubuntu are increasingly recognised for their functionality in developing a value system or code of ethics to be applied in different organisations.

heritage, arts & culture

heritage arts and culture
Heritage, arts and culture form the foundation of the history and memory of a nation, culture and society. Recognising the importance of heritage, arts and culture is useful to create a common identity and the cohesiveness of a nation, and can also be a basis for developing entrepreneurial enterprises through sectoral development, projects and initiatives. 

health & wellbeing

health and wellbeing
Health and wellbeing cover a broad range of areas, including physical health, mental and emotional wellbeing. Health and wellbeing also speaks to the state of balance at the workplace, the home, and in society. A fractured nation cannot be said to be healthy. Attaining and maintaining good health is at the core of wellbeing.

civic & democracy Issues

civic and democracy Issues
Democracy is more than casting your vote every five years. Democracy is a process that involves citizen participation, voter and civic education, respect for the rule of law, and respect of citizens’ rights. Democratic institutions are at the foundation of strengthening and entrenching principles by which society, government, and the legal system interact. 

leadership & management

leadership and management
What kind of leaders do we need today and will we need in the future? What kind of management is needed to deliver performance consistently? Whether in the private or public sector, new modes of leadership and management are being developed to address the evolving needs of business and government in the 21st century. 

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