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Arts and responsibility – no cart blanche approach

on Thursday, 30 January 2014. Posted in Heritage, Arts & Culture

Art is classified as part of the freedom of expression. Pundits rave about artistic expression that should allow artists space to challenge the norms. The question is: what are the responsibilities that artists should always be mindful of when expressing themselves (through arts). In South Africa, artistic freedom is not carte blanche. In arts, like in any other profession, there are standing ethical codes that must be adhered to. Art is a noble craft. It depicts a story that reflects certain aspects of society. Art is hardly neutral and, in most cases, not innocent. But in can’t be a “do as you please” form of art.

Cultivating positive culture in disadvantaged communities

on Friday, 31 January 2014. Posted in Heritage, Arts & Culture

Gansterism and drug abuse are usually more prevalent in disadvantaged communities than in affluent societies. A culture of car hijacking and celebrated thuggery is akin with people in marginalised communities. This should be tackled head on and a positive culture should be cultivated in these communities. Initiatives like Metro FM’s Men in the Making and Playing for Change should be encouraged to reach out to remote communities. There are tendencies to concentrate such initiatives in affluent communities. Culture is about the mindset, and if the mindset of drug abuse, gang-rape and gangsterism is not arrested the country will continue perpetuating negative culture in this communities.

Culture of ukuhlolwa (virginity testing) – the pros and cons

on Friday, 31 January 2014. Posted in Heritage, Arts & Culture

It would be foolhardy to discard every cultural practice just because it’s perceived to be old and not that “classy”. One cultural practice in question is ukuhlolwa, virginity testing. This cultural practice is prevalent mainly in remote rural communities of KwaZulu Natal. In this practice, young maidens avail themselves to elderly women to be checked if they are engaging in penetrative sexual activities. In a country with high prevalence of HIV and AIDS, and where abstinence is preached as a prevention strategy for HIV transmission a culture of ukuhlolwa could be a solution. The question is whether the practice is done within acceptable hygiene and human rights standards.


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