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Communication as key for effective leadership and management – traditional and modern means for communication.

on Friday, 31 January 2014. Posted in Leadership & Management

Communication is a foundational requirement for effective leadership and management. Any leader or manager that lacks interpersonal communication skills is bound to fail, in one way or the other. An ability to communicate well makes sure that team members understand very well what is expected of them and their job expectations. Leaders and/or managers must facilitate interactive communication and an open door policy to ensure that subordinates engage them with ease. The communication skills alluded to here combines verbal and technological means of communication. The success in this regard is also based on strategic use of new media platforms to engage internal and external stakeholders.


Education and training programmes to advance leadership and management for Arts and Culture sectors

on Friday, 31 January 2014. Posted in Leadership & Management

One cannot be wholly chastised for thinking that arts and culture is not supposed to be academic. Such a perception could be due to the notion that arts and culture are inherently talent-based, and as long as an artist can perform to the delight of the audiences nothing else matters. Well, not in the South African arts and culture industry. A number of academic programmes have been developed not only to polish performing art skills but to advance leadership and management for sustainable arts and culture ventures. UNISA has the African Centre for Arts, Wits University runs Arts and Culture Management programmes, to mention just these two.


Human factor in leadership and management

on Friday, 31 January 2014. Posted in Leadership & Management

Arrogance. Disrespectful. Cocky. Self-centred. Posturing...these words, and many others like them, are often associated with debutants in the business world, i.e. young people who have just been appointed into leadership and management positions. Such people have high qualifications and have just ascended into high positions with powers to lead and manage people less educated than them. When analysing the human factor, Leadership Platform ( argues that “attitude towards people is a major component of (our) make-up and performance as leaders”. Young leaders/managers should guard against attitudes that fail to build affinity with people. Effective leadership and management is about positive relationships with subordinates.


In leadership and management, It’s a style that matters most

on Friday, 31 January 2014. Posted in Leadership & Management

The General Manager, Chairperson, Director, Senior/Junior Manager, President, Premier, MEC titles matter less in leadership and management performance. The actual style that is applied in these leadership and management roles is the one that matter most. A number of approaches characterise leadership and management in public and private sectors. “Charismatic/transformational” leadership vis-a-vis “authoritarian/transactional” management style is the focus in this regard. The former has to do with an art of persuasion whereby people follow more for their transformational benefits than extrinsic rewards; and the latter uses monetary attraction for people to follow. Leadership and management under these circumstances should apply a style that balances both these approaches.


Leading and Managing with confidence

on Friday, 31 January 2014. Posted in Leadership & Management

Leadership and/or management is about instilling confidence. It is about giving assurance that success is certain; that the future is indeed imminent. No matter how good the strategy can be, it will not yield desirable outcome if a leader and/or manager does not inspire confidence Leading and/or managing with confidence certainly invites followership. People can only choose to follow a leader or manager that shows confidence. Such confidence is demonstrated through being decisive in difficult times. Teams often look up to leaders and/or managers for assurance in challenging times. Leaders and/or managers with confidence always make themselves available for the team to bounce off ideas.


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