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Arts and responsibility – no cart blanche approach

on Thursday, 30 January 2014. Posted in Heritage, Arts & Culture

Art is classified as part of the freedom of expression. Pundits rave about artistic expression that should allow artists space to challenge the norms. The question is: what are the responsibilities that artists should always be mindful of when expressing themselves (through arts). In South Africa, artistic freedom is not carte blanche. In arts, like in any other profession, there are standing ethical codes that must be adhered to. Art is a noble craft. It depicts a story that reflects certain aspects of society. Art is hardly neutral and, in most cases, not innocent. But in can’t be a “do as you please” form of art.

Gender perspective for effective leadership and management

on Thursday, 30 January 2014. Posted in Leadership & Management, Heritage, Arts & Culture

No matter how progressive constitutional democracy can be, the evil of patriarchy still shows its ugly head now and again when it comes to acknowledging woman leadership in society. South Africa is relatively progressive when it comes to being gender aware in leadership and management roles. Women leaders have been assigned critical responsibilities, and these include being Premiers and heading critical institutions like the Reserve Bank. In 2011 UNDP and the SA government gender focal point commissioned Gender Links to facilitate a nationwide training programme for women councillors to prepare them for leadership and management tasks before the 2011 local government elections. A noble programme indeed. (106 words)

Social cohesion through arts, heritage and culture

on Friday, 31 January 2014. Posted in Heritage, Arts & Culture

Art is always used as a weapon to challenge norms in liberal societies. Those who resort to art to challenge certain issues find themselves in the firing line most of the time. South Africa is a country with deep scars from our divisive past. Having mended social tensions through artistic creativity displayed during the 1995 Rugby World Cup and the 1996 AFCON tournaments, the social cohesion showed signs of disintegration when the Brett Murray’s Spear portrait and Zapiro’s cartoon of President Jacob Zuma’s erect penis hit the public space. The Department of Arts & Culture has recently organised a conference to mend social cohesion.


The power of arts 1 – Telling the South African story through storytelling

on Friday, 31 January 2014. Posted in Heritage, Arts & Culture

Once upon a time grandmothers would seat their grandchildren around the fireplace in the evenings and start telling them folk stories. Some would be stories about tricksters and how they would end up being punished. Others would be stories about greed, i.e. how big animals would dupe smaller and weaker animals and help themselves to all the foods. There would also be pure entertainment stories and the audiences would be left in stitches. The culture of storytelling still prevails in South Africa. The added value nowadays is that storytelling is a professional art form, and artists are making a living out of it.


Visual arts in South Africa – taking its rightful place in the Heritage, Arts & Culture sector

on Friday, 31 January 2014. Posted in Heritage, Arts & Culture

Painting. Sculpture. Photography. Filmmaking. Architecture. Crafts. These are forms of art that are categorised as Visual Arts in the Heritage, Arts & Culture sector. In modern terminology these artistic forms also embrace fine arts as well as applied and decorative arts. Generally, art in South Africa is understood as performing arts, i.e. music, dance, theatre and/or drama. Visual arts are often relegated to secondary forms of art. In fact visual art is often interpreted as only paintings and statuettes. It is therefore critical that resources are invested to popularise visual art as integral part of heritage, arts and culture industry.


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