The call for public comment follows the appointment in January of a ministerial committee to consider the pass mark, following a massive public outcry after the 2012 matric results were released.

Currently, students must get at least 40% in languages and maths, and 30% in their other subjects to pass matric.

Spokesperson for the Department of Basic Education, Elijah Mhlanga says, "Quality Education starts in the classroom."  

He says classroom management and curriculum implementation are just some of the programmes that the department is trying to reintroduce to a new generation of teachers and facilitators.  

Mhlanga outlines some of the new proposals.    

Basic National Senior Certificate (NSC) certificate: Achieve 40% in three subjects, one of which must be a home language.

Achieve 30% in three subjects. This will remain the same under the new recommendations except life orientation will be removed and only six subjects examined.

Higher Education: Those aiming for a higher education certificate must pass three subjects, including the language of learning and teaching, with 40%.

They must pass two more at 35% (formerly 30%).

Diploma: Pass language of learning and teaching with 50%. Pass four subjects with 40%. Pass sixth subject with 30%.

Bachelor Studies: Pass four subjects, including the language of learning and teaching, with 50%.

Pass two more subjects (including the home language) with 40% (previously 30%).



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