#MadePossibleByYou and its manifesto

tvlicencesCamp#MadePossibleByYou and its manifesto

Johannesburg, Friday 31 March 2017 - Part of the South African Broadcasting Corporation’s (SABC) mandate is to facilitate nation-building and promote social cohesion in South Africa.

Therefore it is imperative that it puts you, members of the public, first when making decisions that affect how it delivers its mandate. Motivated by the mantra #MadePossibleByYou and its manifesto, the SABC has embarked on a drive to create awareness around the benefits of paying your TV licence.

The campaign will see some of South Africa’s well-known broadcasting talent including the likes of Leanne Manas, Ismail Abrahams and Thomas Mlambo hit the road to share their stories of how the payment of TV licences has made it possible for them to make meaningful contributions to the lives of others.  

As a public service broadcaster, the SABC strives to strike a balance between fulfilling its mandate and commercial imperatives, which entails:
•    Providing platforms for every voice in South Africa to find full expression in language and culture;
•    Keeping all people informed by placing them where the news is happening;
•    Empowering all people with education;
•    Providing entertainment by taking audiences on journeys that enable them to experience their emotions; and
•    Creating an arena for sporting heroes to inspire future generations.

SABC Spokesperson Mr Kaizer Kganyago stated “It must be emphasized that the organization’s public service mandate, as well as its commercial imperatives are centred on the development and growth of South Africa. The TV licence fee that the public pays does not only directly fund investment in much-needed media infrastructure and content development; it contributes to enabling the youth to acquire valuable skills. Therefore, paying your TV licence is an investment in the future of our country”.

He added, “The SABC is privileged to have worked with the entertainment legend, Joe Mafela, on this campaign making it the last work he recorded with the SABC about two weeks ahead of his passing on”.  

Currently, the SABC has 9 million active licences on its database. These licences have enabled the SABC’s television channels (SABC1, SABC2 and SABC3) to exceed their targets for the production of local content. Programmes broadcast on SABC radio have an immense influence on South Africa’s broader population, reaching millions in remote areas. These programmes deal with issues such as moral regeneration, healthcare, education, employment, human rights, arts and culture, and sport and recreation, among other things.

As the SABC we say, pay your TV licence as everything is #MadePossibleByYou.

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