Embracing Human Dignity on Human Rights Day

The notion of human rights was enforced just after democracy as part of the most important right in the second chapter of the Constitution of South Africa. The right is considered one of the cornerstones of democracy in the country. Situated on the subsection 10 of the Bill of Rights, the concept supports the right to a respected and protected human dignity.

The SABC as the only public broadcaster in the country has been operating under the umbrella of embracing this ideal hence the SABC value we all pride ourselves of the 'restoration human dignity'. Not only is the value the driver of the editorial policies of the SABC broadcasting to the public, but it is also the value held strongly and guides the professional interactions within the corporation.

Human Dignity encourages respect among the SABC employees and between them. With the second decade of democracy the SABC continues to embrace the concept in all the aspects thus contributing to the 'celebration of 20 years of democracy' and the '20 years of inspiration'.

By Mahlatse Rampjapedi, SABC Corporate Communications

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