This week on Khetha #Week03

This week on Khetha #Week03

The topic of the week: Bogus Institutions

Black Tax Season on Skeem Saam

Black Tax Season on Skeem Saam

‘Black Tax’ is a norm in most South African homes, where the working individual (son/daughter) is...

Register to Vote in 2019 National Elections

Register to Vote in 2019 National Elections

You only need a green, barcoded South African ID book, smart ID card, or valid Temporary Identity...

  • This week on Khetha #Week03

    This week on Khetha #Week03

  • Black Tax Season on Skeem Saam

    Black Tax Season on Skeem Saam

  • Register to Vote in 2019 National Elections

    Register to Vote in 2019 National Elections





SABC Celebrates Heritage month! - #LIVEYOURHERITAGE

Johannesburg, Tuesday 05 September 2017 – The South African Broadcasting Corporation (SABC) has lined up various activities in celebration of heritage month, which celebrates the nation’s diversity and calls on South Africans to unite despite their cultural differences.

5FM's Nick Hamman of Hamman Time (Mondays-Fridays, 09:00 – 12:00) will take listeners on a true South African journey as he visits all nine provinces which started on the 1st of September. The show will take its listeners on a month-long excursion as Nick Hamman and producer "Mad Money Mike" travel through the nine provinces, spending at least two days in each, as they learn more about the vibrant heritage in the cities and small towns.

Hamman Time will broadcast live every day of the tour and encourage listeners to promote their province by engaging with the show and sharing their stories. The tour is sure to deliver a unique experience as it takes a deeper look at the culture, history and sheer beauty South Africa has to offer. In conjunction with the live broadcasts, listeners can follow the tour on the station’s various social media platforms for interviews, video and images.

The Hamman Time Heritage Tour, which kicked off on 1 September and will move on to Limpopo, Mpumalanga, Gauteng, Kwa-Zulu Natal, Free State, Eastern Cape and Northern Cape before reaching the Western Cape just before Heritage Day. Be part of the journey by tuning in or following the @5FM and @HammanTime social media feeds using the hashtag #HammanTour and #LoveSA.
Radio 2000 will host an African Heritage Day event at the SABC offices in Auckland Park on Thursday, 21 September between 09:00 – 15:00. The station has invited representatives from 27 African State Embassies to exhibit their rich African Cultural Heritage.

Phalaphala FM in partnership with Radzambo Cultural Foundation will be hosting a Phalaphala FM Traditional Dance Competition. The traditional dance and music will feature the following categories: Tshikona, Malende, Tshigombela, Visa, Kiba, Makgakgasi, Xigubu, Muchongolo and Xibelani covering the entire Vhembe District Municipality. The finals are preceded by the eliminations that are being held around the district a month prior September, with the finals being held during Heritage month. Traditional dance competition finals will be held on the 30th September, at Rabali Stadium in Nzhelele within the Makhado Local Municipality.

Ukhozi FM will celebrate heritage month by partaking in two annual events that are the pinnacle of the Zulu nation cultural heritage celebrations. Umkhosi woMhlanga (Reed Dance) – Umkhosi woMhlanga is an annual Zulu ceremony that has become popular on the cultural tourism calendar and takes place at Enyokeni Royal Residence in Nongoma.
Umkhosi weLembe – Umkhosi weLembe celebrates the life and reign of Shaka kaSenzangakhona, King of the Zulus. Last year (2016) marked 200 years since King Shaka founded the Zulu kingdom and 45 years since King Goodwill Zwelithini reigning King of the Zulu nation ascended to the throne. The celebration will takes place in kwaDukuza on the North Coast, where King Shaka was buried in 1828 at the age of 41.

Munghana Lonene FM is planning a Spring Shutdown to celebrate heritage month. The shutdown will be hosted at the The Rest Lodge in Malamulele from 8 to 10 September. Two shows will broadcast from the lodge on Friday 8 September followed by DJ’s mixes from 7pm till late. On Saturday 9 September the station will host Xiseveseve and Makhwaya groups as well as local artists performances with a live recording of the station’s soapy Mina Hi Mina during performance breaks. The weekend will close with a live jazz session which will have a picnic element of a bring and braai on Sunday 10 September.

Other activities planned by Munghana Lonene are as follows:
• Valoyi Traditional Authority for Nwa Mitwa Heritage & Culture Day on 2nd September
• Shiviti Traditional Authority for Thomo Heritage & Culture Day on 22nd September
• Homu Traditional Council for Homu Heritage & Culture Day, date TBC
• Mnisi Traditional Council for Mnisi Heritage & Culture celebration, date TBC
• Nghunghunyani Day, date TBC

Lotus FM is planning to host its listeners and key stakeholders as part of heritage month. The event will celebrate the various rainbow cultures that South Africa is home to. All guests will dress in their cultural attire and will indulge in traditional meals. Lotus FM OAP’s and key members of management will be in attendance to interact with guest. The event will also have key note speakers to address both attendees and the listeners tuning into the station.

trufm in partnership with the Steve Biko Centre, based in Ginsberg, Eastern Cape, will be celebrating Heritage Month and commemorating the 40 year anniversary of Steve Biko’s passing. The Heritage Day celebrations will include dialogues, fashion, a traditional culinary experience while the Steve Biko anniversary will include a lecture. Both celebrations / commemorations will be hosted at the Steve Biko Centre.

RSG will cover a wide variety of topics, snippets and promo’s that focus on Heritage and Tourism during the month of September. A special emphasis is placed on Farming and Sustainable Food Production in partnership with Syngenta, with daily crossings for discussions about Farming Technology and Excellence. Various archive material will be packaged and broadcasted in celebration of Afrikaans historical heritage as well 80 years of Afrikaans radio in line with the stations birthday.
The official hashtag for Heritage Month is #LiveYourHeritage.

Issued by: SABC Corporate Marketing

Media Enquiries: Mr. Kaizer Kganyago (SABC Spokesperson)
082 306 8888






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