Charlie plays the character of Adv Moss on Skeem Saam

Charlie plays the character of Adv Moss on Skeem Saam

Charlie started his life-long love affair with the performing arts at an early age. Very active in...

SABC Education Launches The 2020 Matric Results Services

SABC Education Launches The 2020 Matric Results Services

Johannesburg – Thursday, 31 December 2020 - SABC Education in partnership with the Department of...

#KnowYourSkeemSaam Competition Rules

#KnowYourSkeemSaam Competition Rules

From the 14th of December 2020 - 1st of January 2021, SKEEM SAAM in association with SABC...

  • Charlie plays the character of Adv Moss on Skeem Saam

    Charlie plays the character of Adv Moss on Skeem Saam

  • SABC Education Launches The 2020 Matric Results Services

    SABC Education Launches The 2020 Matric Results Services

  • #KnowYourSkeemSaam Competition Rules

    #KnowYourSkeemSaam Competition Rules





Daily Thetha is an exciting daily live television talk show that seeks to inspire and empower South Africans through engaging dialogue. The show broadcast from Mondays – Thursdays on SABC1 at 11am – 12pm.

The show represent the unheard voices of South Africans, especially the youth by sharing ideas, opinions and expertise.

A place entrusted by South African youth as their ''information Zone" or ''hub'', where they will receive important and relevant information that will positively shape their challenging lives

Daily Thetha has presence on the following social media sites:

1. Facebook

2. Twitter

3. YouTube

Daily Thetha episodes synopsis below:

Episode 1 

Sub Title: Mistake I Made As A First Year Student

Synopsis:  Students tell us about the mistakes they've made in their first year,they reveal how they dealt with the mistakes and share the lessons they learnt. 

Episode 2

Sub Title: Divorce Within A Year 

Synopsis: We are tackling relationships, specifically when it comes to taking the next step and getting married. Some get married and hope that it all works out but that’s not always the case.

Episode 3 

Sub Title: Student Hustlers

Synopsis: We talking about the student hustlers that might seem crazy on campus, but turned nothing to something great. It's an insiparational show!

Episode 4 

Sub Title: Is The DJ Industry Saturated?

Synopsis: We have a panel of established DJs and discuss the DJ industry or is there still room for more. We tackle the perception that anyone and everyone can be a DJ  because of the technology that flooded the industry. 

Episode 5

Sub Title: Life after prison 

Synopsis: Today we share what life is like in South African prison, most people who end up in prison, like Thandeka Nkabinde have no idea of what happens in prison. She got arrested for dipping into her employer's funds.

Episode 6

Sub Title: Love Beyond Boarders 

Synopsis: Today on the show we zoom into inter country & intercontinental relationship and ,marriage theses are the people from different country who fell in-love despite their cultural or racial differences with their love going beyond all borders and boundaries

Episode 7

Sub Title:  Intellectual Property Theft

Synopsis:  We are talking about protecting your ideas for anything you feel could have commercial value. We  have ideas but how much are  ideas worth? One of the key things we forget to do when we have ideas is to protect them. 

Episode 8

Sub Title: Social Media Influences

Synopsis:  Today we look at all the interesting people that make social media interesting in Mzansi, we talk social media influences. The role of social media influencers seems to be growing by brands. Does a brand working with an influencer.

Episode 9

Sub Title: Young People's advice to parents about parenting

Synopsis:   Today we discussing "Young People's advice To Parents" we are joined in studio  by young people and their parents to discuss how we can bridge the generational gap and misunderstanding  between parents and their children.

Episode 10

Sub Title: SONA

Synopsis: We've decided to unpack the impact that the behavior in Parliament may have on you the people that are represented by that parliament. We're also asking whether the behavior by the the member of  parliament on the day is unique to this country, or if  this is the trend from around the world?

Episode 11

Sub Title: Student Hunger And Homelessness

Synopsis: We looking at the issue of poverty on campus around the country with a special focus on student homelessness. We find out right here on Daily Thetha as we engage the young  people who have first-hand experience and other stake holders in the higher education sector.

Episode 12

Sub Title: Psychological effect Of Fame

Synopsis:   We discuss the "Psychological Effect Of Fame" I love TV,  I love radio and unfortunately it comes with the territory. We are getting into the minds of celebrities, trying to understand the good, the bad and the ugly of being a celebrity. 

Episode 13

Sub Title Black Tax

Synopsis:  Most young black professionals find themselves sandwiched between their needs and that of their families thus spending almost half of their improve their family economic situation.  To pay black tax or not to pay black tax?

Episode 14

Sub Title: SONA Debate

Synopsis:  We are giving you a doze of what you've gotten used to, but we're also doing things a bit differently. SONA 2017 debate and we're delivering. We have two teams behind us who will be able to give us their views on today's topic of discussion. 

Episode 15

Sub Title: Never Too Late To Make It

Synopsis:  South Africa is alive with possibility and today we have invited guests who are living proof of that. Young people who are killing it in different industries proving that if you dream big, age is nothing but just a number.         

Episode 16 

Sub Title: Entertainers With Degrees    

Synopsis: On this episode we want to show you the other side of the coin, stars who have made it big, but have qualifications to prove that beauty  and brains do go together and make an incredible combination. They will also share with us how their qualification have helped them succeed.

Episode 17

Sub Title:  Xenophobia 

Synopsis :   The aim of this show is to bridge the information gap between our foreign guests & South Africans. We are also asking 

both South Africans and foreign national how we can collectively combat this reoccurring xenophobic attacks.          

Episode 18

Sub Title: Mental Illness

Synopsis:   One of the major issues with mental illness is that when diagnosed correctly, most people can live a normal life, but unfortunately because of the stigma and misdiagnosis, they are shunned and shamed within their families and communities with some even hidden from a normal existence because we're not sure how to deal with them.  

Episode 19

Sub Title:  Cost Of Love 

Synopsis:    More People would be married by now if it wasn''t for the financial implication of the lobola and the entire traditional process of getting married. We looking at how much does love cost!       

Episode 20

Sub Title: State Of Film Industry

Synopsis:   We are discussing the subject of film making in South Africa. What are the challenges, what can we celebrate and how far have we come in terms of the state of film making. We want to also be able to celebrate our films and talk about the progress that our films have been making in the few years.  

Episode 21

Sub Title: Mental Illness

Synopsis:   One of the major issues with mental illness is that when diagnosed correctly, most people can live a normal life, but unfortunately because of the stigma and misdiagnosis, they are shunned and shamed within their families and communities with some even hidden from a normal existence because we're not sure how to deal with them. 

Episode 22

Sub Title:  You Are What You Eat 

Synopsis:  We talking about what food does for your body. We've titled the episode "You Are What You Eat"  If everything you ate were visible on your skin, would you be proud of what people saw on it? Do you take a moment to think about the result of what the food you put into your mouth does your body? 

Episode 23 

Sub Title: Intern Stipen 

Synopsis:  We are taking a look at what does it take to be an intern in South Africa. Are they getting the right wages, what are their rights, is making coffee part of being an intern? 

Episode 24

Sub Title: Politics Of The Entertainment Industry 

Synopsis:  We are getting under the skin of the South African music industry, looking at the challenges that our favorite stars face beyond the glitz and glam. We  often hear about artist who retire poor or die broke and how artist sign contracts don't understand which leaves them open to abuse and exploitation. 

Episode 25

Sub Title:  Joe Mafela Tribute 

Synopsis:  On the show today we are joined by many people who have had the honor to work with Ba Joe Mafela. As we are sadden by his passing. He was multi-talented, multi skilled and much loved. We salute his life long contribution to South Africa's art and culture. 

Episode 26

Sub Title: Debate

Synopsis: Daily Thetha deiced to explore an area concern that especially young people have, through a debate, instead of fighting in the streets. We're collaborating on this very important topic with popular SABC 1 debate show One Day Leader. And the topic of discussion, South Africa has a history of racial segregation, whereby white citizen were allowed to benefit at the expense of black citizen. 

Episode 27

Sub Title:  Unemployed Graduates 

Synopsis:  According to labor expert there are nearly 600 000 unemployed graduates in South Africa and there are about 800.000 job vacancies. Something doesn't add up . We plan to get the to the bottom of what is actually  going wrong for young graduates, we are joined by  graduates, employment experts and trends analysis. 

Episode 28

Sub Title:  King Makers 

Synopsis:   Behind most celebrities and public figures there are teams that works tirelessly behind the scenes to put together the all the elements that one requires to be a star. Often the success of public figures and celebrities is seen as result of  individual genius while it's mostly team effort with the star being the face of the  hard work put together by team of unsung heroes behind the scenes.

Episode 29

Sub Title: Rape Cannot Be A Family Secret 

Synopsis:  Majority of the rape victims in South Africa are raped by someone they know, related to or intimately involved with. What’s more disturbing is the trend of families that keep rape a secret, , avoiding to report the cases in the name of protecting the“image of the family or covering up for a bread winner". Those that are raped within families find themselves having to deal emotional pain of living with those that violated. 

Episode 30 

Sub Title:  SASSA

Synopsis: Today we talking about social grants, Foster Care Grant is worth more than the child support grant, so it is natural that such caregivers would wish to have access to the former. The capacity of the social welfare system, and in particular the child protection system, has been greatly strained by the need to enrol and monitor the large number of childern

Episode 31

Sub Title:  Comedy Is No Joke 

Synopsis: Being a stand-up comedian is a very tough job. Standing in front of people is never easy, but standing in front of people who judge everything you say and expect to laugh every few seconds is much harder. We are talking about comedy on today's show.        

Episode 32

Sub Title: Evolution Of Drugs 

Synopsis:   We’re dealing with a very pertinent issue of Drug Abuse, which remains a growing problem in South Africa as more young people become addicted at a very young age. According to the World Health Organisation, at least 15.3 million people in the world have drug use disorders, with injecting drug use reported in 148 countries, of which 120 report HIV infection                                           

Episode 33

Sub Title:  Cosmetic Enhancement

Synopsis: The question we’re asking is whether this is necessary or not. Is it a physical or psychological issue? We’re also looking at where to draw the line. Is someone who’s obsessed with makeup starting to show signs of a bigger problem, or do they have a right to choose what works on our body?  We talking cosmetic enhancements. 

Episode 34

Sub Title:  SA Corporate VS African 

Synopsis: Can you be African and embrace your culture and do all the practises without feeling like your job is at risk? Can you get a leave to go initiation school or work while wearing your mourning regalia? On this episode we look at just how friendly corporate SA is to our culture

Episode 35

Sub Title: Travel 

Synopsis: Daily Thetha, where we’re exploring traveling to exciting destinations, but doing so on a budget.  What places have you travelled to or do you want to travel to? What’s been your experience? 

Episode 36

Sub Title: Reshuffle Debate

Synopsis:  On Today's episode we debating about Reshuffle that was made by our president Mr Jacob Zuma about his cabinet.

Episode 37 

Sub Title: Right Time To Move Out Of  Home 

Synopsis: We chat with young people who are still staying at home to hear their reasoning on why they decided to stay at home instead  of living on their own, we also chat with young people that have managed to move out of home to hear the advantages and disadvantages of leaving the parents nest.

Episode 38 

Sub Title: Sexual Harassment At Taxi Rank 

Synopsis: South Africa is battling with sexual violence, recording over 60 000 sexual assault and rape cases a year. One of the places that is famous for sexual harassment is taxi ranks around South Africa, , as far back as 2012 two teenagers were stripped  naked by taxi drives for wearing mini skirts and there was huge public outcry followed by promise from both the government and the police to increase their efforts towards protecting women at taxi ranks

Episode 39

Sub Title: Uncontrollable Anger

Synopsis: We all get angry at some point in our lives, especially when things don't go our way. But for some people, this anger leads to a point of no return where in a moment you change the destiny of your life and that of people around you who have hopes and dreams for you.

Episode 40 

Sub Title: Easter Special

Synopsis: We invited some well-known gospel artists to not only commemorate Easter, but to also be get up close and personal with them. As you’ve just heard, we’ve started with a beautiful performance from Zodwa Malefane. We still have many more artists visiting us today, who will share what inspires them as they inspire the country through gospel music. They’ll also leave us with a message for Easter, something you’ll be taking into your weekend.

Episode 41

Sub Title: Church VS Money 

Synopsis: The question we’re asking is on the role of money in the church. How does the bible prescribe they use it and what do they do with it? We’re also asking whether or not the church can be part of the solution for some social ills, such as  


Episode 42

Sub Title:  Uncontrollable Anger

Synopsis: We all get angry at some point in our lives, especially when things don't go our way. But for some people, this anger leads to a point of no return where in a moment you change the destiny of your life and that of people around you who have hopes and dreams for you.

Episode 43

Sub Title: Rare Diseases 

Synopsis: Today we focus our attention on young South Africans living with Rare Diseases Some conditions are seen as  embarrassing or scary, but knowing about them helps to treat each other with respect and love. 

Episode 44 

Sub Title: Club Culture 

Synopsis: The South African night life and night club scene is one of biggest contributors to our tourism and entertainment sectors.  Majority of the young people in South Africa are regular patrons at night clubs, while clubs offers the much needed relief and entertainment there are many social ills that occur in night clubs that many young people are not aware of. 

Episode 45 

Sub Title: Land Expropriation 

Synopsis: The aim of this show is to highlight inequality in South Africa through the land discussion. While the white minority feel that the South African economy is free and open for all to participate in since the dawn of democracy, the black majority remains bitter over the issue of land ownership because currently 80% of the land is owned by the 10% of the white population and 80% of the black population only owns less than 15% of the land. 

Episode 46 

Sub Title:  Living With Disability 

Synopsis: Disability is imposed by society when a person with a physical, psychosocial, intellectual, neurological and/or sensory impairment is denied access to full participation in all aspects of life, and when society fails to uphold the rights and specific needs of individuals with impairments. 

Episode 47 

Sub Title: What Happens To Orphans After 18 

Synopsis: We chat with orphans that above 18 to understand the life in orphanages and how they managed to find their feed after  leaving the comfort of their orphanage and the kind of support that they get from the state and their homes in the process of  setting up their lives after being in the foster care system. 

Episode 48

Sub Title:  Born Frees 

Synopsis:   The episode is for Freedom Day. On the episode we tap into the mind set of what Born Frees think about the country they are meant to inherit. The topics they discuss range from Nelson Mandela, Khayi Mbau, economic transformation etc.

Episode 49 

Sub Title: Workers Day 

 Synopsis: The episode will focus on issues facing young people who are within the workforce. The various issues such as the gender equality, unemployment, minimum wage, labor politics and government programs that assist young people in the workforce.

Episode 50 

Sub Title: Traditional VS Western Medication 

Synopsis: Today we’re talking about African medicine vs. Western medicine. Historically, traditional medicine was the only medicine available, and therefore was the only medicine used. And for some young people who were raised by or around their grandparents, this was the only option.  

Episode 51 

Sub Title: Young Royals 

Synopsis: Africans lived under the rule and governance of traditional kings and queens since the dawn of time but political governance  governance during the colonial era to the present day. Today we look at the role that is played by the African chieftain system in our communities and the future of African royals in South Africa. 

Episode 52 

Sub Title: African Music

Synopsis:  South African and Africa music has grown in leaps and bounds over the years, transcending local borders to reach audiences in different countries around the world. African artists are influencing the future and texture of music through organically African sound and they have been well received by audiences and fellow musicians are collaborating with and sampling sounds of Africa. On this episode we look at the success of African music on a global scale and how it achieved this level of success 

Episode 53

Sub Title: Liberation movement

Synopsis: Political parties and liberation movements are two different bodies even though they are often seen as the same. Liberation movements are aimed at liberating people from an oppressive and unjust regime while political parties are aimed at governing & governance

Episode 54 

Sub Title: Post Abortion Stress 

Synopsis:  3 300 women are affected by abortion daily and of those 65 % suffer from clinical depression. So today we look at what is  Post Abortion Depression. How do you know you’re suffering from it? And how do you get help when you’re battling it? What are your thoughts? 

Episode 55 

Sub Title: Gambling Addiction 

Synopsis:  Compulsive gambling is a progressive illness, which starts out as a recreational activity and ends up being destructive to both the gambler and his/her families. 

Episode 56 

Sub Title: Celebrity Mothers

Synopsis: How do they juggle the responsibilities of motherhood with the media of working to get paid? And how do you celebrate the day? We have actress, Ntando Duma, who’s pregnant with her first child and Mapaseka Koetle who’s just had her first child. We’ll also talk to actress  and SABC 1 Throwback Thursday presenter, Gabisile Tshabalala. 

Episode 57 

Sub Title:  Are SA Women Under Attack 

Synopsis: On today’s show we want to know if South Africa is a safe place for women when we have over 40 000 rape cases reported. 

Episode 58 

Sub Title: African Food 

Synopsis:  There’s an African proverb that says, “One who eats alone cannot discuss the taste of the food with others.” We’ve earned the right to discuss different tastes as we’re sharing African food with our studio audience and you at home, while still celebrating Africa month in May. 

Episode 59 

Sub Title: Men Are Trash

Synopsis:  While some parts of society say men are trash because of all the damage that they have caused in society, the other half  says calling men trash unnecessary generalization to say all men are trash because of those that are doing bad things with the community. 

Episode 60 

Sub Title: African Fashion 

Synopsis: We’re still celebrating Africa month and today we’re taking charge of our fashion scene as Africans. How does fashion define us as Africans? And in modernizing African fashion, how do we find our true identity?

Episode 61

Sub Title:  Is every Girl Meant For Marriage 

Synopsis: While boys play soccer and wrestle, women are given dolls, tea sets and are expected to do certain chores because if they’re not good at them, they won’t be good wives. Is this psychologically preparing them to get married at all cost? 

​Episode 62 

Sub Title:  African Hair 

Synopsis: ​ Do we as Africans use hair to identify ourselves? We can have everything from bald hair, to Afros and locks in its natural form, and yet we opt for relaxers and weaves as young women. Today we have young people who have had extensive experience on how they treat their hair. 

Episode 63

Sub Title; Colonial Tax 

Synopsis: We are talking colonial tax today and we want to find out if Africa is still colonized and just how powerful first world countries would be without relations with Africa. Do we control our fate as Africans or are there foreign powers pulling string?We often hear our current leaders  talking about the white monopoly capital, the third force of the western and how African is economically and politically neo-colonized by foreign countries.

Episode 64

Sub Title:  African Icons 

Synopsis: The first Africa Day was celebrated on the 25 of May in 1963 to commemorate the founding of the African union, its celebrated by Africans across the continent and around the world to commemorate Africa’s independence. We celebrate icons from across the beautiful continent of Africa and we look at their journey through the eyes of some of our favorite stars from different parts of the entertainment industry. 

Episode 65

Sub Title: Jimmy Comes To Joburg

Synopsis: Thousands of people from all around the world move to Johannesburg on year on year to pursue opportunities, supporting the statistics that Johannesburg has the biggest population even though its smallest province in South Africa with over 13 million residents. It can be overwhelming for outsider on this episode we look at what it takes to survive in Joburg if you are not from here.

Episode 66

Sub Title: Colonia Tax Debate

Synopsis:   It’s the second last day of Africa month and we’re having Part 2 of the topic from last Wednesday, where we asked the question around Colonial Tax - Is Africa still funding the western economies? 

Episode 67

Sub Title:  Thetha Moments

Synopsis: Its Thetha moments and we have amazing young minds that we be sharing their perspective on various headlines that have  been making the news locally, nationally and internationally. 

Episode 68 

Sub Title: Judging System For Music Awards

Synopsis:  Every time when awards happen, we hear artists and their fans lashing out against awards organizers, saying they are corrupt or paid for by certain labels or artists and other people argue it’s all boils down to who gets the most votes. On the show today we take a look at the judging system of various music award shows that happen in South Africa.

Episode 69

Sub Title: Young And Alcoholism

Synopsis: Today we’re looking at whether or not Alcoholism begins at home? According to the World Health Organisation, South Africa Africa is ranked among-st the 20 biggest drinking nations in the world. Teenage boys start consuming alcohol at the age of 11, and girls use alcohol from the age of 13. Does this mean that young people pick up their drinking behavior from their parents.

Episode 70 

Sub Title: I Will not Be A Silent Witness

Synopsis: The topic of the day is “I will not be a silent witness” and we're looking at the importance of speaking out against crime or to prevent crime. We have recently seen headlines saying that 63 women were killed in 30 days in Gauteng and 10 of them died on their hands of their partners

Episode 81

Sub Title: Thetha Moments 

Synopsis: It's Thetha moments and we have an amazing young minds that we will be sharing their perspective on various headlines that have been making the news locally , nationally and internationally. 

Episode 82

Sub Title: Young Actors

Synopsis: Is it all red  carpets and clothes for free or is there serious work that is required for one to make it in the media and entertainment space? Our young actors will answer all these questions and more in the show.

Episode 83

Sub Title: Baby Daddy Drama

Synopsis: While we have some father who are absent by choice, others are absent because they are denied custody by the mother or the family for personal (break-up), traditional (Lobola not paid) or legal issues ( court interdicts) reasons and today on the show, we ask what are your rights as father if you are denied custody of their children. 

Episode 84

Sub Title: Born HIV Positive

Synopsis: There are 320.000 young people infected with HIV in South Africa between ages 10 and 19. In another study done in 2013, it was found that while the mortality due to AIDS is decreasing  in all other age groups, in adolescents the mortality has doubled, with 120 000 adolescents dying from AIDS.

Episode 85

Sub Title: Forex Trading 

Synopsis: According to investigator, Forex is the market in which currencies are traded. This market is the largest, most liquid market in the world. As we talk talk about a topic a lot of you have been asking us to tackle, the subject of Forex Trading and investment what is the buzz around the lifestyle that Forex trading promises?

Episode 86

Sub Title: Music Video Culture

Synopsis: Today on the show  we breakdown the South African music video industry, we look at where it comes from and it's future as well as some of the politics associated with the industry like artists not wanting to pay music video directors, video vixen that are paid with champagne and the sexualization of women in music video to increase viewership and sales. 

Episode 87

Sub Title: The State Of South African Taxi Industry

Synopsis: Today on the show we take a look at the state of  South African Taxi industry with 15 Million passengers day and contributing an estimated R40 Billion to the South African economy certainly the taxi industry is one of the biggest black owned industries in South Africa.

Episode 88

Sub Title: Black Innovators

Synopsis:  Today we’re talking about innovation, particularly black innovators. What kinds of ideas are invented by young people, and what are some of the challenges they face when they want to bring them to life? Do these create employment? Well that’s what we’re about to find out through this show.   (Insert and voxies shot in Limpopo)

Episode 89

Sub Title: Relationship between South African Hip Hop and Kwaito

Synopsis:  Today we look at the long standing love hate relationship between Hip Hop and Kwaito in South Africa, Kwaito became the voice of the youth in the 80’s used a vehicle to express the frustrations of the black youth as South Africa was transitioning from apartheid to a democracy. 

Episode 90

Sub Title:  Thetha Moments School 

Synopsis:  Year after year , statistics come out and the common thread with each year is that the South African education system is facing a lot of challenges varying from poor infrastructure, lack of resources and learning facilities, sexual relations  

Episode: 91

Sub Title:  Fake News And Journalisim

Synopsis: Fake news are written or published with the intent to mislead in order to gain financially or politically, often with sensationalist, exaggerated, or patently false headlines that grab attention. We are seeing a trend internationally.

Episode: 92

Sub Title: Mandela Day Special 

Synopsis: And in celebrating of Nelson Mandela's life, today we’re looking at Selfless Leadership, as well as how South Africans are  celebrating Mandela Day. What are you doing for Mandela Day? 

Episode: 93

Sub Title: Jobs For Cash 

Synopsis: Today we tackle the job for cash scandal, this speaks to the issues of people being asked for money in order to get jobs  or those that are conned out for money with a promise of being given a job, additional to this you have cases of  nepotism where people give their family members jobs and those that are asked to perform sexual acts for jobs.

Episode: 94

Sub Title: Thetha Moments School Part 2 

Synopsis: Year after year, statistics come out and the common thread with each year is that the South African education system is facing a lot of challenges varying from poor infrastructure, lack of resources and learning facilities, sexual relations  

Episode: 95

Sub Title: Legend Relation With Lance

Synopsis: We are hanving a sit down with a man that is a legend in the music industry. He has been involved in the recording industry for the last 26 years is an enormaous contribution to the music undustry. He is the current CEO at GHETTO RUFF- MUTHALAND ENTERTAINMENT Lance Ster. 

Episode: 96

Sub Title: Teen Suicide

Synopsis: What makes teenagers want to commit suicide? And how do we assist them to overcome the challenges they face on a daily basis? 

Episode: 97

Sub Title: Demise Of African Languages

Synopsis: The question we’re asking is, in a country where we keep insisting that we should preserve our culture, who is responsible for preserving our languages? Most people insist that its parents, but some say children spend at least  six hours at school. 

Episode 98

Sub Title: The Culture Of Side Partners

Synopsis: On the show today we take a look at this trend of having multiple partners or side guys or chick. The culture of having main and side partners seem to be increasing and becoming more acceptable among young people additional to this there is the blesser and blessee trend that has become quite popular, so it seem having the trend of having more than one sexual or romantic partner is acceptable & no longer taboo in modern society.

Episode: 99

Sub Title: The Life Experiences Of Lesbian Couples In SA

Synopsis: We delve in the love and couple experiences of lesbian couples in a democratic South Africa, we also want to know what sort of challenges the face in the process of building their love. 

Episode 100

Sub Title: Ladies Thetha Moments

Synopsis: It’s the beginning of women’s month and today we’re celebrating women. So, we have an all women audience and guests, to talk about issues around women. Everything from relationships to business and politics.

Episode 101

Sub Title: White Monopoly Capital 

Synopsis: Today on the show we take a look at the so-called monopoly capital and we ask what colour is the monopoly capital in South Africa and we want to know who controls and benefits the most from the economy of South Africa.

Episode: 102

Sub Title: Leading Ladies in SA Entertainment Industry 

Synopsis: If you want to know how some of our favorite female celebrities end up getting all the fame, money and influence then you will certainly enjoy this conversation because we are talking to all the people that are responsible for making them shine.

Episode: 103

Sub Title: State Of South African Poetry

Synopsis: From the days of Shakespeare to the days of our struggles, where people like Mzwakhe Mbuli. How much impact does  poetry make in our country at this point? We have the likes of Mak Manaka and poets from all walks of life who will share what the current state of poetry in South Africa.

Episode: 104

Sub Title: Powerful Women

Synopsis: We’re still celebrating Women’s Month, and as the youth, we thought we should celebrate women who are making waves in their chosen field. As you’ll know that in August 1956 women proved that they could pioneer change in their country. What impact did this have in changing the world for women today?

For comments and suggestions, e-mail us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..






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