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Sfutho is a distinctive sound made from one’s mouth that involves a lot of playing with breathing. It adds a beat to whatever song is being performed and simply put, Zion music is instantly recognizable because of it.

23 year old Sandile Mbatha understands the importance of Sfutho and at such a young age, is the lead Sfutho “master” at his church. He also collaborates with mainstream artist and takes sfutho to greater heights. Watch Episodes


100% Youth is a docu-magazine show that inspires the young audiences to reach for their dreams, no matter how unconventional. SABC Education’s tweens and youth commissioning editor says “We encourage young people to listen to their inner voices, be daring and not hesitate to test untested waters when it comes to what they believe they can do and excel in. 100% Youth gives the youth, an official seal of approval to change the game and inspire a movement of youth culture

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