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Among many, Babuyile Shabalala a Scathamiya-hop artist, Inga Gubeka a wooden bag designer, Aphiwe Tuku a fencer and Atandwa Kani and Nathaniel Ramabulana, actors and playwrights feature in season 100% Youth season two airing on SABC1 Thursday, 17th July at 18h00 for 26 weeks.



Born in the Eastern Cape, 19 years old Aphiwe Tuku moved to Johannesburg in 2005. Her mother wanted better opportunities and access to schools for her. Aphiwe is in a sport that is almost unknown in the mainstream sporting world and a mystery in black communities.  She has won several competitions and is a force to reckon with in the fencing platform.  Aphiwe lives with her uncle and her two siblings in Orlando East, Soweto. She is a grade 12 pupil at Bona Comprehensive School.  She doesn’t mind the teasing and her nickname ‘Zorro’ a character from a film featuring fencing.  She plays her sport vigorously and is strikingly graceful.


29-year old Atandwa Kani is the son of the famous Dr. John Kani, ‘the grandfather of South African theatre’.  Despite trying to fight the art world, Atandwa found himself on the theatrical side of a Wits Honours programme and, eventually, performing alongside Kani Sr, stepping into some of the master’s original roles, most notably The Island. He has always wanted to carve his own path in theatre while being aware of living in his father’s shadow.  He met Nathaniel Ramabulana at Wits.


At 30 years old, Nathaniel, better known as Nat is also in the theatre industry. Born in Johannesburg and raised Venda, he spent most of his youth living in the backrooms of Johannesburg suburbs with his domestic worker mother and gardener father.  Nat attended Greenside High School where he discovered stage acting.  Nat and Atandwa respect their ‘sport’ theatre acting.


They met at Wits University and often competed for the same role.  They decided to pair up and eventually acted in and co-wrote an autobiographical play ‘Hayani’, a Venda word for Home.  This year they got recognition when they won best playwrights in the Naledi awards and will showcase their work in Edinburgh later this year.


Wood, described as a hard or solid material made from trees; there’s nothing exciting about that but 26-year old Inga Gubeka wood is the most exciting material to work with. He loves the touch and smell of it, the sound of a saw roughly dissecting it and it reminds him of nature.  It is difficult for him to contain his excitement when he creates wooden items.  Inga, born in the Eastern Cape, grew up in Durban and now lives in Cape Town studied graphic design at Damelin College in Johannesburg and graduated in 2009. After graduating, Inga worked at Design Mart as an Interior Designer. He quit his job after six months when he realised he wanted to be ‘hands-on’ with his work.  Inga’s name is making waves in the fashion world; his bags stand out and sell like hot cakes.


Born and raised in Pinetown, Kwazulu Natal, Babuyile Shabalala is a Scathamiya-hop artist. The 27 year-old has always been surrounded by music; his father is Msizi Shabalala and his grandfather is Joseph Shabalala, one of the founding members of Ladysmith Black Mambazo. He felt that music was a natural route for him to pursue and although he respected the legacy that his grandfather had built, he was a 21st century kid and traditional African music was no longer ‘cool’.


Babuyile matriculated from Pinetown Boys High in 2006 with full honours in music and drama. He was ready to take his music career ambitions seriously and was adamant to make a name for himself under the Hip Hop style. He would often record music and take the singles home for the members of Ladysmith Black Mambazo to listen to and give their valued opinions.  One day, he played his music for his grandfather; Joseph Shabalala loved his music but had one request that Babuyile not forget where he comes from and incorporate a little African acapella into his music.


Babuyile understood that his grandfather was a little afraid the African sounds and melodies he had worked so hard to present to the world would soon be forgotten. This is when Babuyile started a different music genre and group. He approached his cousins Siphamandla Shabalala and Jabulani Mthembu with the idea of them starting a modern style African acapella group; they would infuse Isicathamiya, Hip Hop, RnB and soul into a new sound that would make them stand out. They formed the group ‘Young Mbazo’ in 2009; it’s been a long journey but they will soon release their own new album with the new genre.


100% Youth is a docu-magazine show that inspires the young audiences to reach for their dreams, no matter how unconventional.  SABC Education’s tweens and youth commissioning editor says “We encourage young people to listen to their inner voices, be daring and not hesitate to test untested waters when it comes to what they believe they can do and excel in.  100% Youth gives the youth, an official seal of approval to change the game and inspire a movement of youth culture.”

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