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SABC Education is calling on all South Africans to take part in the education of our children. Each of us can begin to make a difference in our own communities.Raise Your Hand is an ongoing initiative designed to inform, motivate and encourage the public to get involved in improving our country’s outlook, one future leader at a time.

In achieving this we can galvanise corporate South Africa to play their part through the funding of projects and the support of local private projects.

Danie Swart, Head of SABC Education says “The campaign requires a shift in our national mindset and asks that we all consider and value education. We need to ask how we can add to, and improve its resources”.

Raise Your Hand supports The Department of Basic Education’s initiative to encourage partnerships where every South African citizen can offer their help and share their skills to ensure that all of our country’s children get the very best possible education.

“The future of South Africa rests on the education of its whole population; yes, there are extensive challenges that hamper the growth of our future but we can change the outcome for each other. How we educate the youth of today has a great effect on every South African’s tomorrow; we need businesses to run and grow, our municipalities need to be run by people who understand the value of care and attention, we need mindful and thoughtful community members and people focussed organisations.

With well run government departments, sponsors, responsible parents, and teachers who believe in the power of knowledge nothing will stand in the way of a brighter future. We have a responsibility to learners of all ages, and their educational institutions.

We must all play our parts. It is through learning and knowledge that we will shape our future. Only we can change our world and we can only change it, when everyone understands that it takes a nation to raise a child. Every one of us must raise a hand”.

To participate in the call to action, browse through our website, www.raiseyourhand.co.za.

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